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Story of the design research academy in chennai.


Story of the design

research academy in chennai.


UX MINT, is a Design Research Academy in Chennai, involved in User experience Consulting and Training. Started in 2014 as Consulting and Training division by Kingsley who is the Founder and CEO has 20 years of experience in the User experience field and passionate towards Human Computer Interaction and dreams to realize the utopian world by convergence of both physical and virtual realms.

Our vision & Our mission

Provide Meaningful design solution for products which amplifies human ability resulting in harmony between humans and technology. Design for solving problems, Design for emotions, Design for culture, Design for a better tomorrow.

Transform and invoke design thinking though process and innovation to school and college students which helps us to build a better environment.

Core Team

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Founder & CEO

With his 2 decades of experience in design he has provided consultation to brands across the globe "No one knows what he's thinking behind his mystic looks"

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Programme Management

She co-ordinates between clients, partners and working groups ensuring quality and delivery

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Lead UX Consultant

He juggles UX & UI with such an ease perfection. "A multitalented chap with ever smiling face"

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